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Drone insurance for leisure, services, and enterprises

Comprehensive protection for private, voluntary or commercial use. We insure all individuals and companies based in the EU.


Overview of our insurance tariffs

Since August 10th 2005, a model owner liability insurance for all model planes, copters and drones (so-called UAVs, unpiloted aerial vehicles) is required by law, regardless of their take-off weight. (§ 33, 37, 43.2 LuftVG (German Air Traffic Act). This also applies to vehicle and ship models: Frequently, they are not covered by your private liability insurance. We offer you the best tariff for your requirements!


Private drone insurance

You navigate the drone in your free time, in a club or alone, with your partner or family.

Commercial drone insurance

You navigate your drone for a commercial or voluntary assignment.

Model sports insurance

Private and commercial insurance for model planes, model gliders or kites, model balloons, model rockets, model vehicles and ships.

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Your advantages with the DMO

Dedicated contact partners

Our dedicated team is at your service. Consultation, insurance and competent help in case of a claim.


Always available

You can contact us by telephone: 49-202-2701770 and by mail: info@dmodirekt․de during our business hours. Usually we will reply within one working day.

40 years of experience

We founded our company with a passion for our own hobby, and this might be one of the reasons why more than ten thousand model sports supporter and commercial users are so satisfied with our services.


Get your insurance from DMO and take advantage of the benefits

With us, you just take out insurance for your models, independent of your private or commercial liability insurance. We are experts for model sports and drone insurances, and you can benefit from it.


Drone insuranceModel sports insurance

About the DMO

Your satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we are happy to consult you regarding the best insurance for your requirements, about new regulations and provisions, so you have the best possible insurance and can navigate your model or drone safely.


Recent news

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Do you fly your drone in your free time? You need insurance that is specially tailored to flying drones. We inform you about these and other benefits…

The world of drones has developed rapidly in recent years, and they are playing an increasingly important role in various industries.

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