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Commercial drone insurance

Benefits of the commercial drone insurance - Overview

Drone liability insurance for trade, startups, industry, construction, research, public authorities and organizations that perform security tasks, farmers, freelancers and service providers and voluntary services.

Up to 3 or 10 million Euro insurance sum

Aerial photographs

Number of covered drones

Competent support in case of a claim

Worldwide coverage (excluding the USA, countries at war and embargoed countries)

Additional insurance coverage

Overview of all benefits
Insurance sum 3.0 Mio /
10.0 Mio €
If you are not sure which insurance sum is the right one for you, we can advise you in that matter.
Annual fee

ab 168,00 €

Is it possible to cover more than one pilot? ###check### You can choose between one and several pilots in the tariff.
Drone with sensor (e.g., camera) ###check###  
Number of covered drones

UAV-Pilot with camera

UAV Special
unlimited, max. 1 drone in use

UAV Special Plus
max. 3 drones in use

UAV Special 10
max. 10 drones in use

Geographical coverage Worldwide (except in countries of war and embargo, USA only on separate request) Should you want the USA to be covered, please contact us.
Deductible (for material, personal or financial damages) None  
Absolute liability ###check### Our insurance for drones in the private area and in clubs includes the required absolute liability and it is a real aircraft insurance.
Is private use included? ###check###  
Indoor operation and competitions ###check###  
FPV (First Person View) is included ###check###  

Deductible (for material, personal or financial damages)

Insured take-off weight up to 25 kg
Can be extended to 150 kg
Control with smart phone and tablet ###check###  
BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) ###check### with permission More about special permits
Rented/borrowed models ###check###  
Carrier liability insurance optional  
Insurance company for the liability insurance: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE  

Simply and easily calculate the tariff online and get it right away

What is covered by the drone insurance of the DMO?

Perfect insurance coverage in the commercial and voluntary area

Personal damages

Material damages

Our liability insurance for the commercial use of drones

Our drone insurances cover many applications in the commercial sector: Measurement and inspection, aerial photo and video flights, documentations, monitoring and surveying, environmental and plant protection, disaster protection and model presentations.

The tariff can be customized to your requirements.

How many pilots/operators should be covered and how many drones are being used at the same time?


Tariff for individuals

1 pilot with drones with camera

UAV Special

More than 1 pilot and max. 1 drone being used simultaneously

UAV Special Plus

More than 1 pilot and max. 3 drones being used simultaneously

UAV Special 10

More than 1 pilot and max. 10 drones being used simultaneously

Our tariff for several pilots operating simultaneously

Many pilots/operators with many drones being used simultaneously

We at DMO are not simply your insurers.

As an insurance intermediary with permission according to § 34d (1) GewO (German Trade Regulation Act) we provide you with a drone owner liability insurance tailored precisely to your requirements.

Apart from that, you will always have a dedicated contact partner at your side. From the current drone regulations to the precise prerequisites and requirements for drone pilots: We always keep you up-to-date and are happy to answer your questions.

In case of a claim, we are at your side and take care of the settlement.

Learn more about the DMO

Your advantages with the DMO

Dedicated contact partners

Our dedicated team is at your service. Consultation, insurance and competent help in case of a claim.


Always available

You can contact us by telephone: 49-202-2701770 and by mail: info@dmodirekt․de during our business hours. Usually we will reply within one working day.

40 years of experience

We founded our company with a passion for our own hobby, and this might be one of the reasons why more than ten thousand model sports supporter and commercial users are so satisfied with our services.


Frequently asked questions and answers regarding drones in commercial use

For using a drone or unmanned aircraft for a voluntary service or in the commercial sector you need an insurance coverage which includes more than a private insurance and is tailored to your usage. This insurance will consider how many pilots should be covered, which coverage sum is needed and if you need a carrier liability insurance. We are happy to advise you in that matter.


For commercial drone flights you always need an EU proof of competence, the so-called drone pilot license.


Detailed information about the drone pilot license


You get the European registration number after application at the Luftfahrtbundesamt (German FAA). First you will receive an e-mail.


This will include the login data for your user account in which you can find your personal e-ID. In this user account, you will have to record all future changes, like your changes of address.

More about the e-ID/ unmanned vehicle operator registration


You do not need a flight permit for drones, if they

  • fly under the open category  of the EU drone regulation,
  • have a take-off weight of under 25 kg
  • fly within sight range and
  • in a height of max. 120 m.

You also do not need a permission for a night flight anymore.

Not permitted without prior authorization: flying over crowds, power stations or hospitals on and near airports and local no-fly areas.

You will also need a flight permit if your flight plan does not fall under the open operation category.

Detailed information about the flight permit

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