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As a DMO customer you are allowed to fly in the hobby area according to the association rules of the MFSD

Private flights in Germany may be done by DMO customers according to the Standardized Rules for Model Aircraft (StRfF) of our association Modellflugsportverband Deutschland e. V., in short MFSD.


What does this mean?

Drone pilot license / Training certificate

The association training certificate ( (auf Deutsch), costs 25 € plus VAT) is required for the operation of drones/model aircraft with a maximum take-off mass exceeding 2 kg or at a flight altitude of more than 120 m. Multicopters/drones are generally limited to 120 m flight altitude, unless they are flown on approved model flying sites, which may have different ascent permission rules. MFSD certificates of proficiency that are still valid can be converted to the training certificate free of charge.

Up to 2 kg take-off weight and below 120 m flight altitude, you do not need the training certificate or the EU certificate of competence. By the way, in instructor-pupil mode the pupil does not need his own training certificate either.

Distance rules

The operation of model aircraft with a take-off mass of more than 2 kg is only permitted outside model flying areas with a horizontal distance of at least 150 m from the boundary of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas (such as parks, recreational parks, camping sites, open-air swimming pools, bathing beaches, etc.). Under 2 kg may be flown closer. Of course, nevertheless, special caution always applies in general when flying and respect for the privacy of your fellow human beings.


FPV (First Person View) and automatic coming-home function

FPV flight is allowed. Up to a flight altitude of 30 meters, no airspace observer (spotter) is required. At a flight altitude of 30 to 120 meters, a spotter must stand next to the pilot who can point out any hazards that may occur and who has the aircraft in view at all times.

CAUTION: The video goggles must never be used to increase the maximum distance to the pilot. The aircraft must therefore be visible from the pilot's position at all times, even without the aid of video goggles.

Safety features such as return to home or fail-safe functions are also permitted.


Furthermore, the following applies...

  • compulsory insurance for all pilots regardless of the weight of the model aircraft.
    With us you can find the right model owner liability insurance or adjust your insurance coverage if necessary.
  • The compulsory registration of the EU for pilots who want to fly a model with a take-off weight of more than 250 g or a lighter model if it carries a camera.
    We will gladly take care of the registration for you for a one-time fee of 5 Euro (directly at the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA) this costs a one-time fee of 15 Euro).
    Afterwards you will receive the e-ID from the LBA for the identification of your model aircraft. Just contact us!