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Drones FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about drone insurances, prohibitions and regulations

Important regulations and obligations for drone pilots

Before you can start to navigate a drone, you need the following:

We are happy to answer any questions about the conditions for operating a drone.

Since August 10th 2005, a model owner liability insurance for all model planes, copters and drones (so-called UAVs, unpiloted aerial vehicles) is required by law, regardless of their take-off weight. (§ 33, 37, 43.2 LuftVG (German Air Traffic Act)


About the current drone regulation

In many cases, models and drones are not covered by the liability insurance. We offer a special model owner/operator liability insurance including an absolute liability, a real aircraft insurance, independent from your private or commercial liability insurance. This is required by law if you want to navigate a drone.

Drone pilots need a model owner liability insurance, meaning a real aircraft insurance which includes an absolute liability. This means that the mere danger of keeping and owning a drone, or a model must be covered by an insurance. This is important for the harmed party to get their money back, even if the drone pilot is innocent. Accidents might occur due to strong gusts or the failure of a radio connection. Of course, all DMO tariffs include an absolute liability.

A drone liability insurance for the private area is sufficient in that case. Our tariffs for private use: for adults, adolescents, families and partners.


For using a drone or unmanned aircraft for a voluntary service or in the commercial sector you need an insurance coverage which includes more than a private insurance and is tailored to your usage. This insurance will consider how many pilots should be covered, which coverage sum is needed and if you need a carrier liability insurance. We are happy to advise you in that matter.


Our tariffs for the commercial drone insurance

For example, it’s forbidden to fly a drone
•    above crowds
•    in conservation areas
•    in an 1,5 km area around airports



There is a registration obligation in the EU for all drone and aircraft model pilots which fly models over 250 g as well as for lighter models that have a camera. We are happy to help our customers with the registration. The application for the so-called e-ID at the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt) is much cheaper for hobby pilots with us - you only pay 5 instead of 20 Euro via the website of the LBA.

That depends on your flight plans!

For private flights in Germany with drones under 2 kg and under 120 m flight height, DMO customers will not need a training certificate.


For anything outside that range, you will need a training certificate (replaces the proof of knowledge of 20f17) from the MFSD. This costs 27 € and is valid for 5 years.

For flights in other European countries and for a take-off weight of 250 gr or more, you need the proof of competence A1/A3 of the LBA (Luftfahrt Bundesamt). This costs 25 € and is also valid for 5 years.

For commercial drone flights you always need a proof of competence.

Learn more about the drone operating license

Yes! Since 1st May 2021, all drones and plane models with a take-off weight of more than 250 g or models with a camera below that weight require an e-ID. You will get this after the obligatory registration as UAS owner from the Luftfahrtbundesamt. If you apply for an e-ID with us, you will save 15 Euro as a private person, as it costs 20 Euro at the LBA, and with us it only costs 5 Euro.

Please contact us to get help.

You get the European registration number after application at the Luftfahrtbundesamt (German FAA). First you will receive an e-mail.

After the application we will make for you, you will receive an e-mail directly form the Luftfahrtbundesamt.

This will include the login data for your user account in which you can find your personal e-ID. In this user account, you will have to record all future changes, like your changes of address.

More about the e-ID/ unmanned vehicle operator registration

For private flights in Germany, the A1/A3 is not required as a DMO customer.

For flights in other European countries and for a take-off weight of 250 gr or more, you need the proof of competence A1/A3 of the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt). This costs 25 Euro and is valid for 5 years.

For commercial flights you always need a proof of competence.

More about the EU proof of competence

No. The test for the proof of competence A1/A3 can be taken at the LBA without entering or applying for an e-ID. You can simply skip over the corresponding passages.


Even if you are doing voluntary work, you will still need a drone insurance for fawn rescue with a drone with thermographic camera.

No. The risk assessment of the insurance is different to the private one in this case, and you will need a commercial insurance for the fawn rescue.

You do not need a flight permission for drones, if they

  • fly under the open category  of the EU drone regulation
  • have a take-off weight of under 25 kg
  • fly within sight range and
  • in a height of max. 120 m.

You also do not need a permission for a night flight anymore.

Not permitted without prior authorization: flying over crowds, power stations or hospitals on and near airports and local no-fly areas.

More about the drone regulation 2021 and the LuftVG § 43 (German air traffic act)

Notices and questions about our liability insurance for drones and model planes

Our drone liability insurances start at 39,96 € per year. We are happy to advise you regarding the perfect insurance for your needs.


Our prices and tariffs at a glance

No, a membership is not necessary in advance.

No, all our tariffs are without deductible.


Drones are insured up to a take-off weight of 25 kg. With the commercial DMO tariffs, drones up to 150 kg can be insured.


Model aircraft like radio-controlled helicopters or gliders are insured up to a take-off weight of 150 kg.


Yes! As a DMO customer, you do not need a spotter up to a flight height of 30 m. From a flight height of 30 m up to 120 m, a spotter needs to be standing next to the pilot who informs him about potential risks and dangers.


An absolute liability determines that in the case of an accident, the pilot is liable, regardless of being guilty or not. This means the insurance will cover both cases. Of course, all DMO tariffs include an absolute liability.


Yes. The drone insurance includes photo and film recordings as well.


Yes. If the recordings are not used commercially (commercials, presentations) this is allowed in the private DMO insurance.

We offer special agreements for enterprises for commercial use.


Our drone insurances

Yes, worldwide excluding the USA, countries at war and embargoed countries. Should you want the USA to be covered, please contact us. We can expand the insurance coverage to the USA for a defined time range without extra cost, if required.


Yes, we ensure all people with a residence in Europe.


We offer a coverage sum of 3 million or 10 million Euro.


Yes, for private model sports, a legal expense insurance for administrative offenses and criminal proceedings as well as for the enforcement of damage claims is included.


Yes, if the pilot flies by sight and can take over the control at any time.


Yes, stunt kites, tethered kites and single line kites are also insured.


An unlimited number.


Yes! But only those damages that are caused by the model to others are insured. Damages at the model itself are not insured.


Yes, for a quick test and if you are present, another person would be covered by the insurance as well.

For other cases, we offer the family tariff: For 12 Euro more per year (only 1 Euro per month!) all minors and the partner of the insured person are included in the insurance.


They are insured just like you and can pursue the hobby on their own. That is very practically if you don’t want to be present all the time.

Yes, if the transmitting and receiving units are allowed to be operated in Germany.


No, the fee is calculated on a monthly basis.


Report changes to the DMO

No, the insurance is for persons and not individual models. Type and number of the models do not play any role and don’t have to be reported to us.

Exception: Tariffs UAV Special/UAV Special plus – for these tariffs you also have to state the models with designation and serial number.

The insurance agreement can be terminated with 3 months’ notice to the end of the year. We must receive the notice of termination on the 30th September at the latest (e-mail is sufficient) to terminate this insurance for the following year.


No, as the insurance is for a person and not a model, there is no special right of termination for this case.


Please contact us to get help!

Any changes you can report by mail or via our contact form: Contact.

Apart from that, you can view your data and documents at any time in the customer portal.