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Drone pilot license & training certificate

We explain which drone and plane model pilots need!

When do you need a drone license?

Areas of use

Drone pilot license, proof of knowledge or nothing? This depends on the usage of the drone or model plane - is it private or commercial? Other factors are the weight of the drone or model, where the flight takes place and what the flight plan is. We have compiled an overview for you.


You only fly in Germany, your drone or model has less than 2 kg take-off weight and you don’t fly higher than 120 m? Then you neither need a training certificate nor an EU proof of competence!

You navigate your drone or your model only as a hobby, only in Germany, but the model weighs more than 2 kg? Then you need the training certificate (replacing the proof of knowledge valid until 2022). With this training certification you are flying under the association regulations of the DMFV.

The training certificate

The proof of knowledge from 2017 was replaced by the training certificate in August 022.

On the website (auf Deutsch) you can get your proof of knowledge transformed into the new training certificate at no cost, or, if you don’t have one, you can acquire the new certificate via online test.

Commercial usage or usage during voluntary work

You navigate your drone or model for a commercial use or during voluntary work?
Then you need the EU proof of competence (also called “drone pilot license”).


Flying a drone abroad?

If you want to fly in other EU countries than Germany, you need the EU proof of competence for UAS owner, regardless the usage. Apart from that we advise you to get informed about the local regulations in that country.


The EU proof of competence for UAS owners (“drone pilot license”)

For drones with a take-off weight of 250 g or more you need the EU proof of competence to fly it in Europe. If your usage is commercial or for voluntary work, you will need the so-called drone pilot license also in Germany. 

There are three categories for drones/UAS and the corresponding licenses. This is based on the EU regulation DVO (EU) 2019/947 which determines a risk assessment according to the operating mode.

Category “Open”
  • The drone weighs less than 25 kg
  • You don’t fly higher than 120 m and the drone stays within plain sight (VLOS, Visual Line of Sight).

In this case you don’t need a flight permit as long as the local regulations and the drone regulation are observed.

You can make the EU proof of competence (drone pilot license) for the open category.

This is distinguished between different flight plans:

A1: Take-off weight up to 250 g, no flying over crowds,

A3: Take-off weight up to 25 kg, horizontal distance of 150 m to residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas

A2: Take-off weight up to 4 kg, allows flying in residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas with a distance of at least 30 m.

Due to that, a combined A1/A3 proof of competence is recommended for most flight plans.

A1/A3 proof of competence

Online training and theoretical online test with multiple choice (costs: 25 Euro). After you passed you will receive the EU proof of competence as printable download. You can also put it on your smart phone.

Online training and online test of the Luftfahrtbundesamt: go to the website (auf Deutsch)

The A2 proof of competence is based on the A1/A3 proof of competence.

You need to have the A1/A3 proof of competence for the A2. The next step is an additional self-training with a theoretical examination in an authority office determined by the LBA. The remote pilot certification (costs: 30 Euro) will be send by mail.

Theoretical examination: List of current offices/examination authorities of the LBA (auf Deutsch)

Does this also apply to minors under 16?
Minors also have to take the online examination under the above-mentioned conditions.
An application for the creation of a user account for minors must be made (7-16 years).
Go to the application form (auf Deutsch)

Category Specific
  • Operation of drones not under the open category
    • Flight out of sight (BVLOS, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight)
    • Above 120 m flight height
    • Take-off weight over 25 kg

You will need the limited A2 proof of competence or higher. Additionally, you will need an operating license.

Category Certified
  • Operation not under the open category
  • Flying big and heavy drones that drop objects or transport dangerous goods or persons
  • Flying above crowds

An operating license from the EASA (Europäische Agentur für Flugsicherheit) is required in this case.

Compulsory insurance independent of the usage and the drone

Please observe: For each drone and each model in the EU an insurance is compulsory!

If your drone is heavier than 250 g or has a camera, you will also have to register as UAS owner.