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Drone insurance for leisure, services and enterprises

Why do I need a drone insurance?

Since August 10th 2005, a model owner liability insurance for all model air planes, copters and drones (UAVs, unpiloted aerial vehicles) is required by law. (§ 33, 37, 43.2 LuftVG (German Air Traffic Act)! Drone pilots need a real aircraft insurance which includes an absolute liability. With our drone insurance, we fulfill the mandatory legal requirements for the private, voluntary and commercial use of drones.

We offer you the best insurance coverage for your requirements!


Drone insurance for private or commercial use

DMO Drohnenversicherung Pilotin

Private drone insurance

You navigate the drone in your free time or in a club.


Commercial drone insurance

You navigate your drone for a commercial or voluntary assignment.

We at DMO are not simply your insurers.

As an insurance intermediary with permission according to § 34d (1) GewO (German Trade Regulation Act) we provide you with a drone owner liability insurance tailored precisely to your requirements.

Apart from that, you will always have a dedicated contact partner at your side. From the current drone regulations to the precise prerequisites and requirements for drone pilots: We always keep you up-to-date and are happy to answer your questions.

In case of a claim, we are at your side and take care of the settlement.

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Your advantages with the DMO

Dedicated contact partners

Our dedicated team is at your service. Consultation, insurance and competent help in case of a claim.


Always available

You can contact us by telephone: 49-202-2701770 and by mail: info@dmodirekt․de during our business hours. Most of the times we will reply within one working day

40 years of experience

We founded our company with a passion for our own hobby, and this might be one of the reasons why more than ten thousand model sports supporter and commercial users are so satisfied with our services.


Frequent questions and answers regarding drone insurances

Since August 10th 2005, a model owner liability insurance for all model planes, copters and drones (so-called UAVs, unpiloted aerial vehicles) is required by law, regardless of their take-off weight. (§ 33, 37, 43.2 LuftVG (German Air Traffic Act)

About the current drone regulation

In many cases, models and drones are not covered by the liability insurance. We offer a special model owner/operator liability insurance including an absolute liability, a real aircraft insurance, independent from your private or commercial liability insurance. This is required by law if you want to navigate a drone.


Before you can start to navigate a drone, you need the following:

We are happy to answer any questions about the conditions for operating a drone.

Even if you are doing voluntary work, you will still need a drone insurance for fawn rescue with a drone with thermographic camera.