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Expertise (assessments by certified experts) for the model airfields

We take care of the acquisition, maintenance and permission of model airfields in Germany.

Acknowledged by the responsible authority

Our experts can evaluate the model airfields professionally and have the required certificates according to the current regulations (issued by the Verband Deutscher Aero Club e.V.). Our experts receive trainings on a regular basis to be up to date in all matters. Our experts’ assessments are acknowledged by the approving authorities according to article 16 (1) DVO (EU) 2019/947 in connection with §21g (1) LuftVO.


You will receive our assessments as soon it is possible so you can keep potential deadlines. Just call us or contact us via form or mail!

Please keep a copy of your terrain map ready for us. We will discuss our proceedings when we are at the site. Of course, we can also answer your questions about your terrain in advance.

Conditions for model airfields: Distance to airports and environmental protection

Minimum condition for operating a model airfield is, amongst other things, keeping a minimum distance to the next residential area, airfield or airport.

To get a permit for a terrain, you also must consider the environmental compatibility, like near a bird sanctuary.

Together with the pilots, you can take certain protection measures to ensure that everyone enjoys model flying and protects the environment at the same time. Sometimes airfields even contribute to the biodiversity!