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You can contact us by telephone: 49-202-2701770 and by mail: info@dmodirekt․de during our business hours. Usually we will reply within one working day.

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We founded our company with a passion for our own hobby, and this might be one of the reasons why more than ten thousand model sports supporter and commercial users are so satisfied with our services.


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The history of the DMO starts in 1983 with Hans-Otto Köddermann in Wuppertal. Due to his passion for model flying, he saw the demand for a special model sports insurance and founded one - with big success! His vision turned into reality and now the DMO mediates liability insurances to model owners, no matter if they are members of an associations or a club or pursuing their hobby on their own - all model aircraft, vehicle or helicopter owners are welcome! We take care of every single one of them - and we do it with passion!

Since 2005, when a model owner liability insurance became obligatory, the DMO has grown and not it is firmly established in the region known as “Bergisches Land”. Apart from that, they were the first to offer commercial model owner liability insurances in Germany, because Hans-Otto Köddermann saw a big chance in that area. And he was right, as we can see today. The commercial usage of aircraft models and drones has grown considerably and will continue to do so.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands members all over Germany are convinced of the good service of the DMO. Our main priorities are: a good consultation, competence and friendliness. Our aim is to inform our customers about any news and information they might need. The DMO is a family-run business. Since 2017, the daughter of Hans-Otto Köddermann, Andrea Dörpelkus, runs the business.

I have a clear focus: Customer service comes first. My aim is to answer all questions of our customers in a timely and friendly manner. For this task, quality and competence are most important to me.

Andrea Dörpelkus
Managing Director of DMO

Always at your side: With passion and dedication!

Your satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we are happy to consult you regarding the best insurance for your requirements, about new regulations and provisions, so you have the best possible insurance and can navigate your model or drone safely. We mediate a liability insurance for model sports and drones, for private and commercial usage, as well as for service providers, in research or for volunteers.

But we don’t only advise you, we also answer all your questions, and we are at your side in the case of a damage. Our aim is that you can concentrate on your job or your hobby with a drone or a model - best informed, equipped and secured even for the worst case. We are always there for you, on the telephone or by mail, and all applications and insurances can also be concluded online.


We at DMO are not simply your insurers.

We at DMO are not simply your insurers - we assist, consult and help you with passion and dedication! Our aim is that every customer has the best possible insurance, and we will always be at our customer’s side.


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Our team
Andrea Dörpelkus

Bank clerk, insurance intermediary with permission according to § 34d (1) GewO (German trade regulations), since 2016: manager and responsible for customer service, form of contract, personnel management and business strategy.


Our team
Lena Franzke

Since 2018 in the DMO, also busy in the areas customer management and IT/social media, studies International Business and Management.


Our team
Gerd Ströker

Certified insurance agent, certified model flight expert, since 2011 busy in customer consultation and contract management.


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Carrier liability insurance

Published on

We now offer a carrier liability insurance according to the EU regulation 785/2004 for transports of all kinds.

In this regulation, the liability for airlines and aircraft owners who transport goods/freight or persons with luggage is determined.

Originally, aircraft models with a weight of below 20 kg were excluded according to article 2 of the regulation, but UAVs/UASs or drones were not a subject then. According to our opinion, they do however fall under art. 2 g) as aircrafts that are operated commercially (intention of making a profit and with required flight permit).

The liability arises from the concluded contract of carriage, up to the higher liability amounts of 19 resp. currently 22 SDRs (special drawing rights) (current conversion factor 1 SDR = EUR 1,25 Euro, status June 2022), which are determined in the EU regulation or, where applicable, in the Montreal agreement.

The SDR is a currency unit of the International Monetary Fund and is a currency basket of US dollars, Euro, British pound, Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan. Like other currencies, it fluctuates depending on the currencies that the basket is based on.

Independent of the liability regulated by law, an insurance of transported goods always makes sense, if you do not want to verify and fulfill potential liability claims of contract partners, but rather have them examined and fulfilled (or rejected) by an insurance company (with a defense against unjustified claims for damages passive legal protection).



Carrier liability insurance

From now on, the carrier liability insurance can be added as an additional module to our commercial drone insurance.


Commercial drone insurance

What is covered by the DMO carrier liability insurance for drones?

As this is limited to freight or goods transport and we can exclude the transport of persons with luggage, the following is insured:

Liability claims from the contractual transport/taking along of air freight without a value declaration (meaning without the declaration of an insurance sum). For the declaration of a value, especially of a value exceeding the insurance sum agreed herein, a separate carrier liability insurance has to be arranged.


The insurance sum is 10,000 (ten thousand) Euro per claim/ SB 250 Euro per claim/ insurance fee 1,308 (one thousand three hundred eight) Euro gross.

You can choose this additional insurance when applying for a commercial drone insurance.

Are you already insured with us? Just contact us!