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Private drone insurance

Drone insurance for leisure and hobby

Benefit overview of the drone owner liability insurance

This drone insurance is independent from your private liability insurance.

You would also like to cover the control of other models, such as model airplanes? Our liability insurance for private use covers, in addition to the control of drones, also the control of other RC models.

Up to 3 or 10 million Euro insurance sum

Non-contributory legal protection

Unlimited number of covered drones

Competent support in case of a claim

Worldwide coverage

Absolute liability and aircraft insurance

Overview of all benefits
Insurance sum 3.0 Mio € /
10.0 Mio €
If you are not sure which insurance sum is the right one for you, we can advise you in that matter.
Annual fee

from 39,96 €
for adults

from 26,64 €
for adolescents

from 51,96 €
for partners/families

Number of covered drones Unlimited

All models are covered by one fee, including rented or borrowed drones.

Camera (photos, movie and video recordings)

Rented/borrowed models ###check###  
Geographical coverage worldwide (except in countries of war and embargo, USA only on separate request)

Should you want the USA to be covered, please contact us.

Deductible (for material, personal or financial damages) None  
Insured drones Multicopter, Hexacopter, Quadrocopter  
Insured models All kind of remote-controlled models are included, such as plane models, vehicle models and ship models  
Number of insured pilots

One person
in the tariff adults/adolescents

Several persons
in the tariff families/partners

Insured take-off weight Drones of up to 25 kg  
FPV (First Person View) ###check###  
Control with smart phone and tablet ###check###  
Indoor operation ###check###  
Flying “in the wild” (meadows, fields)/ Flying outside of model airfields ###check### Condition: Observing all legal regulations
Participation in competitions/events/”air races” ###check###  
Automatic coming-home function, fail-safe ###check### Condition: flying/operating by sight
Absolute liability ###check### Our insurance for drones in the private area and in clubs includes the required absolute liability and it is a real aircraft insurance.
Legal expense insurance ###check### Included non-contributory (insurance company for the legal expense insurance is ...)
Private flying in Germany under the rules of the Standardized Rules for Model Aircraft ###check### Training certificate only required above 2 kg take-off weight, no spotter required up to a flight altitude of 30 meters, e-ID available for only €5.
Insurance company for the liability insurance: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE  

Simply and easily calculate the tariff online and get it right away

What is covered by the drone insurance of the DMO?

Best possible insurance protection for your hobby

Personal damages

Material damages

Who is covered?

You can decide whether you just want to insure yourself or also your partner or your family.


Our tariff for adult individuals


Our tariff for adolescents up to 18 years old.

Families and partners

Our tariff for all members of one household.

DMO customers fly under association regulations

Simplified regulation for drone pilots

Due to our cooperation with the DMFV, DMO customers will fly under association regulations! That means: If you operate your drone only in Germany and if it has under 2 kg take-off weight, you will neither need a training certificate nor an EU proof of competence (“drone pilot license”). If your drone has more than 2 kg take-off weight, a training certificate will be sufficient. You do not need to get a training certificate. Apart from that, up to 2kg take-off weight, you will not need to keep the minimum distance of 150 m to residential estates, in contrast to the open operation category.

We at DMO are not simply your insurers.

As an insurance intermediary with permission according to § 34d (1) GewO (German Trade Regulation Act) we provide you with a drone owner liability insurance tailored precisely to your requirements.

Apart from that, you will always have a dedicated contact partner at your side. From the current drone regulations to the precise prerequisites and requirements for drone pilots: We always keep you up-to-date and are happy to answer your questions.

In case of a claim, we are at your side and take care of the settlement.

Learn more about the DMO

Your advantages with the DMO

Dedicated contact partners

Our dedicated team is at your service. Consultation, insurance and competent help in case of a claim.


Always available

You can contact us by telephone: 49-202-2701770 and by mail: info@dmodirekt․de during our business hours. Usually we will reply within one working day.

40 years of experience

We founded our company with a passion for our own hobby, and this might be one of the reasons why more than ten thousand model sports supporter and commercial users are so satisfied with our services.


Frequent questions and answers regarding drones

Before you can start to navigate a drone, you need the following:

We are happy to answer any questions about the conditions for operating a drone.

Since August 10th 2005, a model owner liability insurance for all model planes, copters and drones (so-called UAVs, unpiloted aerial vehicles) is required by law, regardless of their take-off weight. (§ 33, 37, 43.2 LuftVG (German Air Traffic Act)! Drone pilots need a real aircraft insurance which includes an absolute liability. With our drone insurance, we fulfill the mandatory legal requirements for the private, voluntary and commercial use of drones. We offer you the best tariff for your requirements!


Even if you are doing voluntary work, you will still need a drone insurance for fawn rescue with a drone with thermographic camera.


Our drone liability insurances start at 39,96 € per year. We are happy to advise you regarding the perfect insurance for your needs.

That depends on your flight plans!


For private flights in Germany with drones under 2 kg and under 120 m flight height, DMO customers will not need a training certificate.


For anything outside that range, you will need a training certificate (replaces the proof of knowledge of 2017) from the MFSD. This costs 27 € and is valid for 5 years.


For flights in other European countries and for a take-off weight of 250 gr or more, you need the proof of competence A1/A3 of the LBA (Luftfahrt Bundesamt). This costs 25 € and is also valid for 5 years.


For commercial drone flights you always need a proof of competence.

Learn more about the drone operating license

On model flying sites it is generally allowed to fly a drone.


Outside of this area, regulations and no-fly areas must be observed.

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