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Service contract for private service recipients

Andrea Dörpelkus is licensed insurance broker pursuant to § 34 GewO (registration no. D-AL36-TSVSB-54). For more details, see our Imprint.

Application for the conclusion of a service contract

between DMO GmbH & Co. KG, Uellendahl 71a, 42109 Wuppertal, as service provider and private service recipient

Terms and conditions for insurance cover

for private service recipient of DMO in the scope of the service contract

1. Object of Insurance

  1. The insurance policies are only valid for beneficiaries of DMO GmbH & Co. KG.
  2. They cover the following areas:
    1. Legal protection insurance
    2. The insurance policy covers statutory liability arising from private use, holding, ownership and operation of all kinds of model aircraft up to a take-off weight of 150 kg. In addition, stunt kites are also insured.
      In the case of model rockets, the insurance cover is only valid for a propulsion unit of not more than 50 g and a maximum take-off mass of not more than 50 kg.
      The insurance policy also covers the use of drones up to a maximum of 25 kg.
      Teacher/pupil operation is also insured.
      Indoor operation is also insured within the scope of the statutory/official guidelines.
      In addition, the insurance policy also covers statutory liability arising from holding, ownership and operation of motor-driven model cars and ships of all kinds.
    3. Club Liability Insurance
    4. Training ground liability insurance
    5. Promoter liability insurance for model sports events (on separate application, not included in contribution)

2. Basis of Insurances

  1. The prerequisite for granting of insurance cover is compliance with the legal and official regulations.
  2. General terms and conditions for legal protection insurance - PRS-7650Z0 (001) 10/2014
  3. Aviation Liability Insurance Conditions (Pilot) - AMU 300/07
  4. Aviation Liability Insurance Conditions (clubs, landing sites, promoters) - AMU 304/03

3. Scope of Insurance

  1. Legal protection insurance for clubs
    1. Legal protection for compensation due to damages
    2. Legal protection in criminal cases
    3. Legal protection in case of infringement of regulations during the exercise of permitted activities, e.g. the operation of models
  2. Model Holder-Liability Insurance
    1. The prerequisite for granting of insurance cover is compliance with the legal and official regulations.
      The insurance policy covers liability arising from holding and operation of model ships, cars and aircraft as well as drones up to a maximum of 25 kg.
      The FPV process with video glasses or monitor is also insured.
      Model hot air balloons, model zeppelins, kites (stunt kites and single-liners), as well as model rockets up to max. 50 kg take-off weight and with a power unit of max. 50 g, as well as the indoor operation, are included. Teacher/student operation is also insured. Coverage for autonomous flying is only included with the express authorisation of the competent national aviation authority.
      For flights outside of approved sites, the insurance cover is only valid if the legal requirements and official requirements have been complied with. From 01.10.2017, proof of knowledge is legally required above 2 kg take-off weight. If a take-off permit has been issued by the competent aviation authority, the statutory provisions and official requirements laid down therein shall apply.With DMO GmbH & Co. KG, no additional insurance is required for this.
    2. The insurance cover also includes the personal statutory liability of the insured model holder for damages which are directly and indirectly related to the keeping and operation of his model and/or operation of the associated remote control system.
    3. It also extends to the person who, in the presence of the beneficiary of DMO GmbH & Co. KG, sets the model into operation or operates the remote control system.
    4. The global scope of coverage, excluding the USA, is hereby deemed as agreed.
    5. Claims of the club members among themselves arising from personal injury and material damage are also insured.
    6. The insurance also covers participation in competitions and public events.
    7. The insurance cover does not apply if the models are used commercially or professionally or within a secondary occupation.

4. Start and duration of the service contract incl. insurance

  1. The insurance cover begins on the date requested by the applicant, but not before receipt and acceptance of the application by DMO GmbH & Co. KG.
  2. The service contract, including insurance, is extended automatically from year to year, if it is not terminated in writing by one of the contractual partners no later than 30th Sept. of the current year.
  3. Insurance coverage ends automatically upon termination of the service contract with DMO GmbH & Co. KG. No reimbursement of contributions will be granted.

5. Conduct in case of damages (for liability claims)

  1. In the case of accidents, DMO GmbH & Co. KG shall be notified without delay.
  2. Damage claims are to be requested and submitted immediately to the DMO GmbH & Co. KG.