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AERODrones 2023 – Innovations for drones / UAVs in business and volunteer work

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[Translate to English:] DMO auf der AERO Friedrichshafen 2023

AERODrones 2023 – Innovations for drones / UAVs in business and volunteer work

We look back on a great trade show weekend! For the second time the event AERODrones took place within the AERO Friedrichshafen from 19.04 - 21.04.203 and opened the hall A2 for drone pilots and interested people in the commercial and voluntary sector.

We were there with our joint stand with the UAV DACH e. V. association in the middle of the action - and were thrilled!

Technology and potential applications: News from the research

The fair was characterized by interesting discussions with many new contacts as well as exciting insights into the development of new technologies.

The focus of the drone trade show was on the BOS sector. In addition to the current use by the police, rescue forces and fire departments, the latest research projects were presented.

Professional and volunteer emergency forces will be able to work much more efficiently in the future with new drone technology. Other special solutions are being developed: e.g. rescue drones for swimming lakes, the latest reconnaissance drones for use in dangerous locations or transport drones for the delivery of medicines. But work is also being done on standardizing data evaluation.

The diversity of professional drone pilots was also reflected in the visitors; from the self-employed, manufacturers and companies to visitors from the voluntary sector as well as research groups and students, a wide range of professionals attended the event.

A lot is happening, especially in the BOS sector - not only in terms of further development of the technology and special solutions.

We also hope that the approval procedures will soon be accelerated at the European level, because authorities are also noticing the increasing interest in the many possible uses of drones!

Drones are a technology that is not only exciting, but can also simplify and save lives. We are looking forward to the future of drones - and as a provider of liability insurance for drone pilots and companies, we will keep an eye on all developments to offer the best solution for your needs.

We are looking forward to AERODrones 2024!

Our insurance offer for commercial and volunteer drone pilots

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Model aircraft like radio-controlled helicopters or gliders are insured up to a take-off weight of 150 kg.


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