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Taking out independent drone insurance or supplementary insurance in your private liability insurance?

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Advantages of private drone insurance with DMO

Advantages of DMO's drone-only insurance

  • The insurance is specially tailored to the flying of drones.
  • You receive support from experienced experts in the field of drone insurance and drone laws.
  • You fly as a private individual under the simplified rules of the association operating license.

Do you fly your drone in your free time or in a club, alone, with a partner or with your family and are you looking for suitable liability insurance? You need insurance that is specifically tailored to flying drones.

You need to pay attention to this: Drone pilots need genuine aviation insurance, which in particular includes strict liability in addition to fault-based liability.

Such insurance for private individuals includes, among other things

  • strict liability
  • FPV, Coming Home, Fail Safe
  • an unlimited number of insured drones
  • no deductible
  • worldwide scope (except in countries at war and embargoed countries, USA on separate request)

What does drone insurance cost? We offer rates for adults, young people, families and partners from just €26.64 per year for young people and €39.96 per year for adults.

Insurance from experts: We answer your questions about drone insurance quickly and professionally

Our experienced staff will ensure that you receive answers to your questions very promptly - from the current drone regulations to the exact requirements for drone pilots. We usually answer emails on the same day and you can reach a competent contact person directly by phone without being put on hold. For all applications received by 4 p.m., you will receive your confirmation of cover on the same day. Your contract, invoice and proof of insurance (in German and English) are available to you digitally at any time in the DMO customer portal.


Simplified rules for private customers

Incidentally, as a private customer in Germany, you fly with us under the simplified rules of the association operating license. This means, among other things, that we can apply for an e-ID for you for just €5 (it costs €20 directly from the Federal Aviation Office) and that a training certificate is only required for take-off weights of over 2 kg. FPV flights up to 30 m altitude are permitted without a spotter (= airspace observer).

Do you still have questions and would like personal advice?
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