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Fawn rescue with a drone with thermographic camera

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The best possible insurance protection with the commercial drone insurance by the DMO

Currently the fawn rescue is one of the top themes. Farmers and hunters are jointly trying to prevent that fawns get injured or even killed during the mowing of the fields. They like to assign drone pilots who detect the fawns with thermographic cameras. This way, they can be rescued before the mowing by helpers.

Even if the fawn rescue is based on voluntary work most of the times and is not paid, the drone pilot does need a commercial insurance for it, as it is not a purely private task.

By the way: Subsidies for acquiring such a drone with thermographic camera can be requested at the BLE (Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (Federal Office for Agriculture and Food ).

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The best possible insurance for drone pilots for a fawn rescue

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