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Carrier liability insurance

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We now offer a carrier liability insurance according to the EU regulation 785/2004 for transports of all kinds.

In this regulation, the liability for airlines and aircraft owners who transport goods/freight or persons with luggage is determined.

Originally, aircraft models with a weight of below 20 kg were excluded according to article 2 of the regulation, but UAVs/UASs or drones were not a subject then. According to our opinion, they do however fall under art. 2 g) as aircrafts that are operated commercially (intention of making a profit and with required flight permit).

The liability arises from the concluded contract of carriage, up to the higher liability amounts of 19 resp. currently 22 SDRs (special drawing rights) (current conversion factor 1 SDR = EUR 1,25 Euro, status June 2022), which are determined in the EU regulation or, where applicable, in the Montreal agreement.

The SDR is a currency unit of the International Monetary Fund and is a currency basket of US dollars, Euro, British pound, Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan. Like other currencies, it fluctuates depending on the currencies that the basket is based on.

Independent of the liability regulated by law, an insurance of transported goods always makes sense, if you do not want to verify and fulfill potential liability claims of contract partners, but rather have them examined and fulfilled (or rejected) by an insurance company (with a defense against unjustified claims for damages passive legal protection).



Carrier liability insurance

From now on, the carrier liability insurance can be added as an additional module to our commercial drone insurance.


Commercial drone insurance

What is covered by the DMO carrier liability insurance for drones?

As this is limited to freight or goods transport and we can exclude the transport of persons with luggage, the following is insured:

Liability claims from the contractual transport/taking along of air freight without a value declaration (meaning without the declaration of an insurance sum). For the declaration of a value, especially of a value exceeding the insurance sum agreed herein, a separate carrier liability insurance has to be arranged.


The insurance sum is 10,000 (ten thousand) Euro per claim/ SB 250 Euro per claim/ insurance fee 1,308 (one thousand three hundred eight) Euro gross.

You can choose this additional insurance when applying for a commercial drone insurance.

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