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DMO - professionals for model sport insurances





Model sport insurance

Liability insurance for model aeroplanes, drones, model cars, model ships ...



Before anything goes wrong - your contact when it comes to security and legal protection in the model sport sector.




Advisory service

Consultation with regard to legal requirements and insurances in model sports.


Expert reports

Creation of expert reports and assistance with regard to permits for model sport facilities carried out by our model flying experts.

Our Insurances

DMO-Service contract incl. InsuranceLiability Insurance for models / insured sum Annual Premium incl. VAT / input VAT* Legal Protection
Private customer (adult) 3,0 Mio € 39,96 € covered
6,0 Mio € 51,96 €
Private customer (juvenile) 3,0 Mio € 26,64 € covered
6,0 Mio € 38,64 €
COMPANIES (WITHOUT photographic, film and video recordings) 3,0 Mio € 96,00 € not covered
6,0 Mio € 132,00 €
COMPANIES (WITH photographic, film and video recordings) 3,0 Mio € 168,00 € not covered
6,0 Mio € 246,00 €
UAV Spezial 3,0 Mio € 250,00 € not covered
6,0 Mio € 300,00 €
UAV Spezial Plus 3,0 Mio € 370,00 € not covered
6,0 Mio € 420,00 €

*Different tax rates may apply to all policyholders not resident in Germany.

Service applications

You have the opportunity to create your service applications online here.

Please make use of our service which enables you to fill out the application directly on screen.

Alternatively, you can download the application as a PDF, fill it in and send it to us by email, fax or post.

Decision-making tip

When it comes to the insured sum, this is not a question that is easily answered. Experience shows that we rarely see damages that exceed the insured sum prescribed by the legislative organs. But it is possible that, as a result of a chain of unfortunate incidences, damages may occur which exceed this amount.

At the end of the day, it is a money question. If you believe that the €12.00 additional premium, on private and club contracts, which effectively doubles the insured sum, would not hurt your finances, then we would recommend you take the higher coverage. It is a sum that is well invested if you take into account that your private assets would be at risk in the event of damages caused by you.

Proceed as follows:

Select the desired application


Fill out the online form. Pay attention to the mandatory fields marked with *.

When your entries are correct, press the "Download as PDF" link, you will then receive the completed form as a PDF file.

Please send it to us by email to info@dmodirekt․de, alternatively by fax to +49-202-701981 or by post .