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Liability Insurance for Model Sports Operators

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All benefits of your tariff at a glance
Our discount system from 2nd pilot 15%, 3rd pilot 30%, 4th pilot 45%, 5th pilot 60% discount
Company-owned model flying site liability insurance
Teacher/student operation
Coverage area worldwide (except USA, countries at war and embargoed countries)
Deductible (for property damage, personal injury, financial loss) none
Insured model aircraft Model aircraft of all kinds, model rockets
Insured take-off weight Model aircrafts of all types up to max. 150 kg, rocket models with a propellant of max. 50 g and a take-off mass of max. 50 kg.
FPV procedures with video eyewear or monitor
Indoor operation
Flying in the wild ("green meadow", in the field)/ flying outside of model flight areas
Participation in competitions / events / "races"
Automatic recovery function (Coming Home, Fail Safe)
Rented / borrowed models
Endangering liability
Use of the flying model Model aircraft of all kinds, model rockets
VInsurance company for the liability Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE