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Converting the old proof of knowledge into the new training certificate

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We explain what hobby pilots need now!

The proof of knowledge for flying a drone and aircraft models in the private area for models of 2 kg or more, valid for Germany so far, must be converted into the new training certificate.  Due to our cooperation with the MFSD, insured customers of the DMO have the possibility to still fly under the association regulations in Germany.

The only thing that needs to be done: Convert the old proof of knowledge into the new training certificate. For DMO customers this is possible at no cost!

This has no effect on the insurance coverage.

Important notice

On the website you can take a short online test free of charge. After that you will receive the new training certificate and can continue to fly!

Drone pilot license, proof of knowledge - or nothing?


For drone and aircraft model pilots in the private area different rules apply, and we understand that it’s not easy to keep track of everything.


Here is a little overview of the rules. The distinction where the flight takes place and how heavy the drone is – those factors play an important role.

Anyone who wants to fly a drone/model with a take-off weight of over 250 g needs the EU proof of competence, the so-called drone pilot license A1/A3 in the open category.

Those who want to fly only in Germany, but with a model/drone that weighs 2 kg or more, can fly under the association regulations of the MFSD/DAeC and only need a training certificate. The training certificate replaces the former proof of knowledge.

Those who want to fly in Germany, but with a drone/model under 2 kg, and not higher than 120 m, need neither the training certificate nor the drone pilot license.

Each drone with 250 g or more, and each drone with a camera (regardless of the weight) must be registered at the LBA and marked with an e-ID. If you want, we can register your drone for you.

Any more questions?  No problem! Just contact us!