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Our new tariff UAV Special 10 - insure up to 10 drones in use at the same time

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[Translate to English:] DMO Gewerbliche Drohnenversicherung UAV Spezial 10

The world of drones has developed rapidly in recent years, and they are playing an increasingly important role in various industries. Whether photography, surveillance, inspection, rescue missions or research and development, they are being used more and more and offer many possibilities. The new UAV Special 10 tariff now covers even more drones that may be flown at the same time to keep up with this development!


This is what the new tariff offers

The UAV Special 10 tariff is designed to meet the growing requirements in terms of drone insurance for professionals. It offers a wide range of benefits to ensure that you are covered in every respect. Covered are, among others:

  • flying with up to 10 drones at the same time
  • an unlimited number of pilots
  • worldwide use (except in countries of war and embargo, USA is possible on separate request without extra charge)
  • no deductible
  • a take-off weight of the drones up to max. 25 kg, optionally also up to 150 kg
  • BVLOS operations
  • FPV flying
  • BOS operations
  • the flying of rented or borrowed models
  • any use that is legally permitted or additionally approved by the authorities is also covered

Our new drone insurance is ideal for universities, schools, in research and development, and surveying and monitoring.

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